Year One - November 2022 - October 2023


ie3 green letters

Summer 2024       
UConn Core Team will host a Mobile Summer Institute (MoSI) to address challenges in STEM education reform unique to colleges and universities.

Spring 2024     
UConn Core Team members will host a 9-part book club series around the book, Critical Teaching Behaviors.

Spring 2024
HHMI to host 8th ISTP MOOC and Learning community cohort.

November 2023
Year one Project update due – Full report coming soon!

October 2023
UConn Core Team hosts Equity in Action, a two-day workshop centered around the National Academies' consensus report on actionable antiracist mechanisms to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. Participants engaged in insightful discussions and connected with real experiences, stories, and challenges facing our faculty and students.

UConn Communications Assistant Professor in Residence, Sara Stifano and PhD student, Rachel Tucker, present analysis and recommendations derived from Summer data collection.

September 2023
Emerging Processes Work Group hosted workshop: A conversation with critical friends: Words have meaning. Can we assume they are the same for all of us?

HHMI Core Team member Martina Rosenberg and Dean of the School of Business Nora Madjar, in partnership with the Women’s Center, host the overwhelmingly popular book club, The No Club, centered around non promotable work for women in the workforce.

July 2023
Year One Summer Convening at Centre College, uniting all 15 universities and colleges in Learning Community Cluster 5 to reflect and support each other in learning.

Core Team member and Associate Vice Provost Peter Diplock leaves UConn.

UConn Core Team offers ISTP MOOC and Learning community as a five-week summer asynchronous cohort for the first time.

June 2023    
UConn Core Team members, Martina Rosenberg and Andrew Moiseff attend first year convening at HHMI Janelia campus to align work with the largerIE3 initiatives.

Lara Chiaverini, Director of Inclusive Excellence in STEM Teaching and Learning, joins UConn Core Team.

May 2023
Core Team partners with Communications Assistant Professor in Residence Sara Stifano to collect and analyze data centered around the development and facilitation of professional learning communities.

March 2023
UConn Core Team facilitates 6th ISTP MOOC and Learning Community cohort.

November 2022
Year one begins to carry out the LCC’s plans, support continued collective learning and action as an LCC, and build capacity for inclusion on their own campuses.

October 2022
UConn Core Team hosts 4th Inclusive Stem Teaching Project (ISTP) 6-week MOOC and Learning Community cohort.

September 2022
UConn receives notice of award for 6 year Inclusive Excellence grant totaling $505,000 to support continued collective learning and action as an LCC, and build capacity for inclusion on their own campuses.

March 2022
Each LCC was provided a six-year budget and asked to decide how to allocate their budget among the member institutions.

March 2021
UConn receives notice of IE3 Learning grant, providing funds to support activities that allowed members to learn with and from one another.

January 2020
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence 3 Pre-proposal submitted by Dr. Martina Rosenberg. 


GOAL: Cultivate faculty behaviors and mindsets that support critical,reflective and equitable teaching practice, and transformation oflearning environments to be anti-oppressive. 



martina_rosenberg headshot

Martina Rosenberg

Xinnian_Chen headshot

Xinnian Chen

Stephany_Santos headshot

Stephany Santos

andrew_moiseff headshot

Andrew Moiseff


Lara Chiaverini



UConn is investing in relationship building at all levels and with synergistic initiatives.Developing a shared vision, process or vocabulary creates a stable "bus lane" ofrecurring, structured engagement opportunities critical friends can hop on, mitigatingprojects getting struck in the potholes of personnel turnover. We are also improvingvisibility on the road through events and an increased web presence.



 Not unique to UConn: changing leadership and restructuring, budget insecurities, reduced visibility and competing commitments of faculty. Our crew is creating "detours" around roadblocks by offering opportunities for engagement at multiple-levels of commitment, incentives for participation, and targeted communication with new leadership as they settle in and define their roles.



Learning Communities: 

  • Inclusive STEM Teaching Project, AY22-23
  • Inclusive Excellence: Justice, Equity and Transformation (JET )AY23-24
  • Equity in Action workshop, October 2023
  • New website! inclusiveteaching.cetl.uconn.edu 
  • Book Club spring 2024 *
  • MoSI, Summer 2024 *

*More to come?



UConn's sights are set on Summer 2024, when we will host a NIST Mobile SummerInstitute (MoSI). Teams of critical friends practice to create equity-minded learning experiences that engage students through active learning, problem solving and discussion.